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By | June 5, 2018

Google Internships are practically not so hard to get. Discover the steps to get Goggle Interships by following these 10 Practical Steps. Probably, you may be thinking its very tough for a newbie like me who have very minor skills.

I will assure you that you can make this process of getting a chance to work with these big companies if you start preparing by following my given steps. So, give your full dedication only if you want this opportunity.

Here are simple yet effective steps that may land you there. So you just have to be determined and focused on these steps to make most of it.

Remember perceverance is the key to all success.

google internships
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Here are the things what these big companies look for in an applicant:

google internships

1) Basic programming language(google internships):

First of all you must know how to code and understand the code. You must know all but most of the important concepts and their implementation.

So, revise all the concepts of the programming language that your school or college taught you, for example, C, C++ or Java.

If you don’t know how not even a bit of these languages I recommend you to get started with python. Learning python is very easy.

It is a high-level language with is used in many fields like artificial intelligence, data mining, etc.

2) Data Structure and Algorithm (google internships):

It is the mostnoteworthy thing in programming for a good programmer as it helps the programmer to implement the solution of a given problem effectively and efficiently.

It gives the programmer to decide which algorithm must be used to solve a particular problem so that it takes minimum time to execute and yield desired results efficiently.

So start practising data structure concepts now if you know the basic programming. Popular data structure and algorithm programming include searching, sorting, graph theory, tree concept,..etc.

Take hand-written notes so that these concepts retain on your memory.

3) Get up-to-date with current technologies (google internships):

You must take interests in current technologies mostly the one which is in demand right now.

Subscribing a few youtube tech channels and read technological blogs on the internet can do the job. You will be able to what is in great demand in silicon valley.

Get the vibes of technology. I watch some tech series like “Silicon Valley”, “The startup”, “MrRobot”,etc.. as it grows my passion for technologies.

Start making friends who are more interested in new gadgets and technologies as we know that we get influenced by friends a lot. Get up-to-date with programming world.

4) Personal Projects(google internships):

Start working on personal projects. It may be developing a website or an application software. As a result it will put you in action mode and make creative.

Internship offering companies are often more impressed by personal projects that you have worked on than basic programming skills.

You can search for best projects ideas on the internet if you don’t have one. There are lots of ideas on the internet but creating something new from the old one can make you stand out.

So always come up with new and creative project ideas. You can also take guidance from a good project creator.

5) Competitive Programming (google internships)

There is a huge benefit in taking part in competitions, as it encourages us to give our best in a project development or in perfecting our skills.

So it makes you more desirable to big companies. It helps you to solve more and more problems especially the complicated ones.

So, participate in competitive coding websites or in hackathon events.

Here is a list of competitive programming websites in which you can compete with other coders:

1) CodeChef

2) Codewars

3) TopCoder

4) Coderbyte

5) Project Euler

6) A Good Resume (google internships):

Writing a resume is very important part of getting internship. It is the proof that you something that they want in an intern. So be careful while writing your resume.

You have to showcase your skills and experience in it. They will judge you by your Github, Stackoverflow LinkedIn profile.

You can attach your course certificates, projects that you have worked on, your experience certificate, and many more if you have.

Include your information that is especially relevant to comuter science. Conclusion, keep your resume simple and valuable.

7) Certifications (google internships):

Big companies like Google, Microsoft don’t consider College degree nowadays. But having the certification of completing a course online or offline from best course providers and the certification of participation in a competition is necessary.

So do keep your certifications with you, it may help a lot. You can enrol in different courses from course providers like Udemy, Edx, Coursera, Lynda,..etc.

They will provide you with digital certificates which can be attached to the resume.

8) Additional Skills (google internships):

You also enroll for In-Demand courses. It may make you more desirable as having additional skills is always welcomed.

As the technology grows you also have to upgrade yourself.

Examples of some In-Demand courses:

1) Machine learning.

2) Web Development.

3) Cryptography.

4) Database Development.

5) Digital Marketing.

9) Select Your Work Domain or Post (google internships):

Before applying for an internship in tech companies, do a research on these companies. Find out what type of jobs they are offering?

Also, you can make a list of job options from websites like, UpWork, etc and make a preselection of what job you probably want to desire and prepare for it thoroughly.

You will feel confident in understanding the job which you ganna do thereby increase your chance of selection.

10) Apply for an internship directly in big companies (google internships):

After following all there steps and acquiring many skills and experiences finally you can apply for a google internships

Getting internship

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google internships | google internships | google internships

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