Microsoft is getting ready for the next Xbox vs. PlayStation console war !

By | June 11, 2018

Previously in E3 2013, Microsoft Xbox One is a big disaster allowing PlayStation 4 to rule the E3, thus making more sales compared to Xbox, which was the reported inaccurate by Microsoft Spokesperson. Also, Microsoft stopped giving sales reports in 2014.

But now, Microsoft. has made a great comeback in E3 Press Conference 2018, making some shocking announcements this year. 50 games 18 exclusives and 15 world premieres are what was showcased and also confirming the development of next Xbox.

As previously it faced lack of exclusive games. So, this time they have taken a very smart step by buying other game studios. It seems like their strategy is simple, ” If you can’t beat them, then buy them.”

Thus offering more exclusive games in future. This move may help prevent their customers from shifting to PlayStation. As PlayStation has amazing exclusives like God Of War, Detroit, Horizon, Uncharted and now the Spider-Man, Death Stranding, The Last of Us 2.

Here is full Microsoft E3 2108 Conference :


Microsoft’s gaming chief, Phil Spencer, didn’t spend a lot of time talking at the E3 press conference, but let the games speak by themselves:

1) Halo Infinite:

Release Date: Not announced yet.
Genre: First-person shooter
Platform: Xbox One


2) Ori and The Will of the Wasp.

Release Date: 2019
Genre: Platform-adventure, Metroidvania
Powered By: SlipSpace Engine
Platform: PC, Xbox One


3) Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Release Date: 2019
Genre: Action-adventure
Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


4) Fallout 76.

Release Date: November 14, 2018
Genre: Action Role-Playing.
Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


5) Metro Exodus.

Release Date:22 February 2019
Genre: First-person shooter
Powered by: 4A Engine
Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


6) Kingdom Heaths 3.

Release Date: January 29, 2019
Powered by: Unreal Engine 4
Platform: Playstation 4, Xbox One


7) Forza Horizon 4.

Release Date: October 2, 2018
Genre; Racing
Platform: Xbox One


8) Microsoft Studio Acquisitions.


Microsoft announced its acquisition of 4 entirely new studios including the Ninja Theory ( Hellblade), Undead Labs( State of Decay), Playground Games (Forza Horizon Series)and the newly created Studio, The Initiative which is set to be lead by former Crystal Dynamics head of Studio Darrel Gallagher. It will make a lot easier for them to get ahead in the competition by making more exclusives.

9)The Division 2.

Release Date: March 15, 2019
Powered by: Snowdrop engine
Genre: Action role-playing, survival
Platform: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One


10) Devil May Cry 5.

Release Date: 2019
Powered by: RE engine
Genre: Action-adventure, Hack and Slash
Platform: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One


11) Dying Light 2.

Release Date: Not announced yet.
Powered by: C-Engine
Genre: Survival horror, action-adventure
Platform: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One


12) CupHead: The Delicious Last Course.

Release Date: 2019
Genre: Run and gun
Platform: PC, Xbox One


13) Gears of War 5.

Release Date: 2019
Genre: Third-person shooter
Platform: PC, Xbox One


14) Next Xbox.

Pill Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s gaming chief confirmed that they are building new generation Xbox.
Spencer explains,“Our team are deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles. Our experts in Microsoft Research are developing the future of gaming AI, so the worlds and characters we enjoy will be richer and more immersive.”

Also, the company is building Streaming game service that will work across any device.
“Our cloud engineers are building a game streaming network to unlock console gaming on any device,” says Spencer. Creating Game Streaming Service is Challenging and Microsoft is working very hard to build one.
Sony acquired streaming games service OnLive only because it is getting in their way.

15) Cyberpunk 2077.

Release Date: June 2019
Powered by: REDengine 4
Genre: Role-playing
Platform: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One



1) Microsoft acquired some studios so that they can make more exclusive games.

2) 50 games 18 exclusives and 15 world premieres are announced.

3) Pill Spencer, the head chief of Microsoft has confirmed the development of next Xbox and game streaming service.

4) Top announced games are : Halo Infinite, Ori and The Will of the Wasp, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Fallout 76, Metro Exodus, Kingdom Heaths 3, Forza Horizon 4, The Division 2, Devil May Cry 5, Dying Light 2, CupHead: The Delicious Last Course, Gears of War 5, Cyberpunk 2077.

5) E3 2018 is a success for Microsoft this year, let’s see what Sony PlayStation is up to. Microsoft’s gaming chief, Phil Spencer, didn’t spend a lot of time talking at the E3 press conference but letting the games speak by themselves.

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